IN A PINCH _ Mini-Emergency Kits

It didn’t look like much to me at first glance, but the Mini-emergency Kit turned out to be a big surprise in a very tiny package. The kit is small enough to disappear in the palm of your hand (3.5” x 2” x 2”). Naturally you’re going to be a bit skeptical that all 17 personal care items that are inside will actually helpful when you’re in a real jam.[1] But just wait…

I was excited to take mine on a test drive when I went to Miami in February for the American Bar Association Midyear Meeting. Here’s what I found:

Overall Practicality. Overall the kit is extremely practical, whether of him or for her, it’s small enough to tuck in a purse, medium sized clutch or men’s wear suit pocket. The design gives a sense of integrity and I felt comfortable pulling it out in public. It didn’t appear to give away its contents or draw attention of anyone nearby.

Reusable Necessities.  Among the most useful were the emergency deodorant, stain remover and nail polish remover towelettes that were so convenient and concealable.  The wipes come wrapped in an easy tear foil that can be pinched to reseal and tucked back in the miniature bag.

Covering the Basics. The items I did not expect to need became handy to friends along the way.  Clear nail polish to stop a stocking run, a safety pen lent out to resolve an issue with a sagging hem line. I didn’t need the earring backs that came in the same packaging as the mending kit, but I can see them coming in handy.[2]

There was also hairspray, which leaked a bit and couldn’t have done much to hold my hair, clear plastic hair ties, a nail file, a back-up tampon, double sided tape, lip balm that smelled like jolly rancher candy (Yum!), breath drops, 2 aspirin, and a miniature Band-aid that could have maybe fit a 5 year-old child.

Room To Modify. The bag is made of quality materials and is clearly intended to be used time and time again.[3]   The list of items included is comprehensive, but not exhaustive. One suggestion I would make is to modify and supplement the contents of your mini-emergency kit to suit your personal likes and needs.  There is surprisingly room to do this at the time of purchase, but as you use items and make more room available you’ll have the opportunity to customize you’re the contents of your kit. While the online store offers refills of the originals, I found it more pleasing to add-in my own finds along the way. I went with a regular size nail clipper, 2 no-tear hair-ties strong enough to hold a high pony-tail, and lotion, which I was surprised was not included at all.


[1] Miniemergency kits are available for her and for him. HER kit includes items like, double-sided tape, a safety pin, a mending kit, 2 earring backs, dental floss, clear nail polish, an emery board, nail polish remover, stain remover, hair spray, clear hair elastics, a tampon, pain reliever, breath freshener, and lip balm. Packaged in a tiny, metallic zip pouch. HIS kit includes essentials such as Band-aids, Safety pin, Deodorant towelette, Pain reliever, Double sided tape, shaving gel, small razor, hair combs, Stain remover, Breath freshener, after shave, Dental floss and hair gel.

[2] Eraser backs might also be just fine in a pinch though.

[3] I was delighted by the variety of styles available online at