5 things you could be doing personally everyday to help your business grow and meet its goals 🙌. Let’s dig right in….

1. Set clear intentions for your day: First things first, did you take time to identify what needs to get done today and what things take priority or are you just jumping out of bed and into the chaos?

Ordered thinking requires more than good intentions or falling into distracted morning routines. Set time aside to quiet your mind before you do anything else. If you haven’t already, consider a mediation or yoga practice. WRITE IT OUT. On your phone, on a post-it, whatever keeps you organized just get it down. Journaling is a great morning exercise too and can accompany that.


2. Honor commitments. “Obligations squarely met” Make a decision to honor your commitments no matter what and stick to it!! That applies to both business and personal. Avoid cutting things out to catch-up on other things. You will be taken more seriously. You will get more done in the long run. You’ll enjoy greater balance. You’ll avoid negative self-talk.


3. Bring the best product: There’s nothing better than that good-good tired after a long day of bringing your all. Why shouldn’t that be the goal every day. You may not always have the same energy but you can make a consistent commitment to do the best you can with what you have.


4. Try and help someone every day. That’s it. You’ll will benefit and so will your work.


5. Clean house. Take inventory: a business that doesn’t take inventory will fail but this applies to you personally as well. How do you expect to succeed if you’re not making time to clean house mentally and emotionally? Talk. Journal. Pray. Whatever works for you but take time for personal reflection and development on a daily basis. It’s the only way to grow.

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