As a remote professional, you can create your perfect work environment. When you work from home (or the road) having a work space that makes you happy to work helps with your productivity. It should be inviting, comfortable and suitable for you so it’s easy to work without distractions.


Personalize your work space. While the space you’ve chosen dictates the set-up of your office to a certain extent; consider this as a unique opportunity to get creative and personal. Think about the work that you need to do and the equipment you need yo do it. Consider your style and what helps you to get going and keep going. Sometimes that’s the basketball hoop on the back of the door, and sometimes it a bunch of windows allowing natural light in (for me it’s access to a treadmill and my standing desk). It’s entirely up to you.

Be deliberate. Put stuff where it it’s easy to use and least disruptive to your work flow. Think convenience, function and style. Do you make frequent trips to the printer? If yes, why is it all the way across the room or in another one entirely? Make things easier for you to automate your day.

Think visuals.  Besides a computer screen, what do you look at all day? Your surroundings matter.  Uplifting quotes, pictures or even a vision board are great ways to create positive focus in your space.

Think like a minimalist to help reduce clutter and mess. Pay attention to the things that frequently pile up on your desk and then decide whether it needs a permanent home or if it’s something like a paper file that can be eliminated all together. (For more about going paperless check-out my tutorials on YouTube here –

Adapt the space to your style rather than adapting style to the space. If the power outlet isn’t in the right spot, get an extension cord. If the best place for the desk is in a darker part of the room, get a great lamp. The only way to set up the office is the way that allows you to do your best work.

Get into action! Use the following questions to jump start your changes.

  • Are there things that are slowing you down or disrupting your workflow regularly?
  • What are your style preferences? What feel aids your productive spirit.
  • Does everything have a place? If not, decide where it should go.
  • Do you have what you need within reach? What do you store elsewhere to make yourself move every once and awhile?
  • Does your work space inspire you?


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