Remote Hack No.4 _Watch Your Back: But more importantly watch your health! Check out 4 simple things to keep in mind when setting-up your new work space.
(1) Make your health a priority. Take advantage of this freedom to create a work set-up that considers your preferences AND your health. Don’t settle for whatever desk and chair you have hanging around the house. Be good to yourself and take the time to select office furniture that suits you and your physical needs.
(2) Set up your equipment where it’s best for you.
Position your computer screen so it’s at eye-level. Adjustable desks can help, but a stack of books or a box will work in a pinch. Set-up your keyboard and mouse low enough that your wrists are angled down. Selecting the right chair is crucial, but chairs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Remember there isn’t a single “right” chair for everyone. Look for a chair that adjusts to fit your natural posture and allows your feet to be flat on the floor.
(3) Don’t settle for an inappropriate set-up. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, consider the downstream consequences. Poorly designed work spaces can lead to higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome along with increased neck and back pain. No thanks! Theses sorts of injuries don’t simply happen all at once, they develop over time due to poor posture and prolonged sitting.
(4) Don’t forget to move! Get up! Walk around! Take your conferences calls while on a stroll. Do squats at your desk or calf raises in the kitchen while you make lunch. It’s all about the regular intervals and switching things up throughout the day.
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