Remote Hack No.4 _Watch Your Back: But more importantly watch your health! Check out 4 simple things to keep in mind when setting-up your new work space.
(1) Make your health a priority. Take advantage of this freedom to create a work set-up that considers your preferences AND your health. Don’t settle for whatever desk

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to have it all while you’re struggling to keep up and feeling exhausted at the end of your day? The answer is to slow down, so that you can speed up.

Society has taught us that to be successful, we need to be out in the world

For mobile/virtual business owners meeting clients in public is pretty common practice. This article will introduce the discussion of protecting your client’s privacy in the process.

Whether you own a mobile/virtual business or not, you’ve likely taken advantage of a coffee shop or other public venue to meet with a client. NOTE: If you have

Traveling with a reusable water bottle is a great way to reduce your environmental impact (and save you from having to spend $5 at the airport just to stay hydrated). But there is a downside: Carrying around an empty bottle in your already tightly packed travel bag is different kind of wasteful.

Thankfully, collapsible water

Taking that initial leap into entrepreneurship is just the first step. Staying out here, as one of the many blessed-to-be self-employed, dream chasing, adventure loving business owners takes real work. And doing it while protecting your happiness?! Oh boy! I’m not just talking internal work like billing, management staffing struggles, blah blah blah. To stay