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When was Wills On Wheels started and by who?

Sahmra A. Stevenson is the founder of S.A. Stevenson Law Offices, ( with offices located in Greenbelt and Columbia, Maryland, where she and her staff are focused on fighting for happy families one day at a time.  Ms. Stevenson approaches her work with a philosophy that whole and complete families begin with whole and complete people. Her practice focuses on the areas of family law litigation, estate planning, and small and family business law services.

In 2016, Ms. Stevenson launched Wills On Wheels, Inc., a mobile estate planning business serving the residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Owned and operated by S.A. Stevenson Law Offices, LLC., the progressive business model is a part of the Office Without Walls, trademark, brand, and initiative created by Ms. Stevenson.  In addition to providing mobile estate planning services, Wills On Wheels, Inc., plays an active role in the community by hosting community based events geared towards educating families and youth about the importance of financial and end-of-life planning, preserving property and wealth and financial literacy.

What is Office Without Walls?

Office Without Walls, is a business model, blog, and online resource established with the intent of making legal services more accessible to all. By establishing a mobile platform through which clients can better and more readily access the legal services they need, and sharing her experience and strength with other practitioners, we hope to break down old and outdated concepts about how law can and should be practiced.

Are mobile services limited to wills and estate planning?

Not at all. Whether drafting a will or preparing for litigation, our priority is streamlining the overall process and making things more accessible to you. We use a combination of virtual and mobile resources to accomplish that goal.  For more information and a complete list of services visit our sister site at Our practice areas include:

  • Family Law
    • Custody Litigation
    • Father’s Rights
    • Parenting Plans
    • Child Support
    • Divorce & Marriage Solutions
    • Pre & Post-nuptial Agreements
    • Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Guardianship/Adoption
    • Name/Gender change
  • Wills & Estates
    • Wills (sweetheart wills)
    • Living Revocable Trusts
    • Land Trusts
    • Durable Power of Attorney
    • Medical Advanced Directives
    • Living Wills
    • Guardianship nominations
    • *KPP -Kids Protection Plans
  • Civil Litigation
  • Small & Family Business Law
    • Formation
    • Acquisitions
    • Contract Law