When was Office Without Walls Virtual Office Solutions started and by who?

Sahmra A. Stevenson is the founder of S.A. Stevenson Law Offices. In 2016, Ms. Stevenson launched Wills On Wheels, Inc., and went on to Trademark Office Without Walls later that same year.  Office Without Walls™…

How We Can Be Of Service To You?

By taking some of the weight off of your back and allowing you to refocus your energy where it belongs.  Office Without Walls™ Virtual Office Solutions offers law firms and small business owners accessible and affordable virtual office staffing and other remote team building services to help them meet their business and wellness needs.  Office Without Walls™ Virtual Office Solutions is focused on supporting balanced lifestyles for both its corporate clientele and the contracted professionals who work diligently to address their needs with professionalism and poise.

Why we are set apart from others:

  1. Client Experience -We offer a necessary and easily accessible service at an affordable price. Whether your business is virtual, mobile or hybrid we want to help support you living an Office Without Walls™ lifestyle. An Office Without Walls™ lifestyle is centered around practicing work-life balance that increases productivity, boosts earnings and maximizes professional & personal development. Our services and the way that we offer them is all geared towards freeing you up for time for so you can continue being the best professional your clients and your business deserve.
  2. Employee Culture & Care -The Office Without Walls™ culture puts self-care and wellness first. If our soldiers aren’t being fed, our business cannot achieve sustainable success. We hire like-minded professionals who value the opportunities we offer to foster a healthy and balanced life by allowing flexible working hours and the convenience of working from almost anywhere in the world.
  3. Customer Service -Our customer service, attitude and willingness to help you find solutions is a reflection of our quality of life. Our staff and contractors work with the idea of passing that spirit along to everyone they come in contact with. We all share an understanding that the greatest profits come where the spirit is alive and shared in the work being done.

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